Sep 28, 2012
@ 2:55 am

Infographics Final Work

This is my final work for our task to Create a ‘People’s Map of the Northside’. All the essential Northside locations were included with a couple extra added in. To disseminate the information i split the locations into five groups consisting of Attractions, Event Locations, Parks & Lakes, Government and Institutions. I included a small illustrated icon next to each group to give a quick visual cue as to what type of locations that group contains; By dividing the locations up into logical groups the map can be used much more efficiently.

Each of the of groups uses its own distinguishing shape and colour for the location markers within that group, helping the viewer find the desired location with speed and ease. Once the user knows what shape and colour marker they are looking for all they have to do is find the number that corresponds with the specific location on the legend.

The map included all the relevant data including all of North Canberra’s main roads and highways. A shaded relief map was overlaid to help point out important elevated locations like Black Mountain and Mount Ainslie. The reserves and parklands were shaded green and the lakes and ponds light blue, make them very easy to locate.

Full resolution PDF will be uploaded to to the UC Moodle Drop Box.